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Duneland Ski Club

Your Social Ski Organization


Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our social organization.

Mission Statement – The Duneland Ski Club, Incorporated, is a not for profit social organization. Its primary purpose is to conduct skiing and related winter activities for its members. Other types of sports and recreational activities are carried out during the summer months. Membership is restricted to a person’s twenty-one years of age or more. Single and family memberships are available. 

Children may attend some ski trips, if accompanied by a parent who is a current member and proper documentation is filled out and submitted to the Trip Leader and Membership Chairperson. Children cannot become a member, vote, attend meetings, or certain functions.

Membership 2022-2023

Our electronic form on this website allows you submit it online, the Membership Chairman will receive it immediately. Mail out check to the membership chairman at the address provided and your membership will be complete.

Online Application

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