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Looking to join our community and get more involved? Please download and complete our membership application. After completion of the application and along with your check, made out to Duneland Ski Club and your signature, mail the application to the address indicated on the form.


(Subject to Board approval) All members of the Duneland Ski Club must be 21 years of age or older

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Members should be keenly aware that their actions reflect directly on the ability of the DSC to provide activities in the future. Not only do their actions influence the cooperation of the organizations servicing the activities, but they also influence other individual’s willingness to participate in future activities. While the DSC does not desire to dictate the behavior of individuals, past incidents indicate that the club must provide a system through which offensive actions can be defined and dealt with while still protecting the legitimate interests of all concerned.
The following list of illegal, socially offensive, or morally degrading actions shall be just cause for dismissing a member from the club or from future activities for a stated period of time:

  1. Any felony.
  2. Any action which would be the basis for a service organization to the DSC to withdraw services.
  3. Any wanton or wasteful destruction of property.
  4. The continuation of any grossly socially unacceptable activity as judged by any of the people participating in the activity.
  5. The threat of bodily damage to anyone or the use of force. These actions should be judged by the board. Any complaints must be preceded by a written statement from a member. The statement should contain the names of the specific people involved and the circumstances. The offending party will be notified and given adequate time (30 days) to reply to the charge.


In applying for a new or renewed membership in the Duneland Ski Club, Inc., I recognize the club as a volunteer not-for-profit organization, organized solely for the benefit of its members. In consideration of my new or renewed membership, I will abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws and policies and do, on my behalf and that of my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees, release and forever discharge the Duneland Ski Club, Inc., its Board, and all its members, from any responsibilities, either legal or civil, for any incident or injury incurred while visiting, assisting and/or participating in any activity that is authorized and/or sponsored by the Duneland Ski Club, Inc.