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Winter and Summer Activities

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Summer Activites

Bike, Hike & Blade                                             

 Every Wednesday beginning May 1st @ 6pm  - Charlie Cleek 219-395-6666


 Membership Sign-up. July 15th. 7:30 pm  See July newsletter for full info.


DSC Annual Camp/Canoe Trip July 12-14th. See flyer in newsletter on the website.


DSC Bowling Night at Inman's in Valpo. 6pm. See July Newsletter for full info.


4th Annual Pool Party & Barbeque . July 27th @2pm. See July Newsletter for further info.       _______________________________________________________________________    2020 Western Ski Trips 

Big Sky March 15-22th 2020  Trip Leader: Chris & Dawn Disher

Spring Fling April 5-10th Trip Leader Ed Gordon

To update on other trips as they become available.

Please check out the July Newsletter for full disclosure of each trip. Some have not been posted as of today. Please check back periodically. Those will be posted as it comes available.

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